Strategic Staffing

Background Information:  For a large city agency, process of law enforcement agency the time from the moment someone is accused to their hearing by the judge was too long, increasing the costs for the city and delaying justice. The Mayor of the city championed the project to substantially reduce this delay for its citizens.

The Obstacles: The law enforcement division had multiple stakeholders encompassing various agencies such as Police, Parole, Courts etc. The city demanded a system where documents and evidence is moved quickly to ensure justice is rendered in an efficient manner. The Mayor required process to be automated to allow minimal delay for data sharing as soon as documents and complete and verified. The security and confidentiality of the artifacts had be maintained.

How GCOM Assisted: The city partnered to define a better process and implement the solution. The system integrated data sharing across agencies by designing and developing a data share component. This data sharing component provided a fast and secure way for an agency to send and receive the information to process next steps efficiently. The web services based system allowed the agencies to receive authorized information and reduce the time it takes to bring the defendant to the court judge for the case.

End Results: The agency integrated multiple agencies by implementing an efficient data sharing mechanism. This reduced the time it would take for a case to heard, automating the tasks for law enforcement divisions across the city. The system reduced significantly the time for citizens to receive their justice.